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castles from the river of your love

I know, we loved the architecture of the castles as well. We will always give due credit to the author/creator of any content not provided by me. After the family died out with their last heir, the castle was burned down in 1689 by French soldiers and sat in ruin for over 200 years. This looks incredible – I’ve always wanted to go the Rhine. I’d probably spend my evenings looking through the photos and drinking Riesling. Nowhere else in the world can you find as many castles as close together as the castles in The Upper Middle Rhine Valley. It was still really nice and super relaxing. If you have time, definitely stop in Oberwesel. Ehrenfels Castle was one of three castles originally built to protect the archbishop of Mainz. I think I could live there! I wish I could visit each one of them. Here you will find gorgeous sculptures, paintings, and one of the oldest altars in Germany! Before leaving, be sure to head up to Stahleck Castle, the 12th century castles that has one of the most picturesque views of the Rhine River that we experienced during our time in the Rhine Valley. My god your love it seems so heartless We never made it to Rhine – had we known there were this many castles we would have made sure we visited this beautiful city. While cruising past Rheinfels, be on the lookout for the infamous statue of the Loreley, the beautiful-but-deadly nymph. And if you love a good ghost story, ask about Petermännchen, the castle’s very own poltergeist believed to play mean tricks on unsuspecting wrongdoers. The drive times have been calculated from “London”, which on Google Maps seems to be from Trafalgar Square. Like most other castles in this area, it was built for the sole purpose of generating revenue from boats traveling down the Rhine River. Some allow you to get on and off, others don’t. Writer(s): Daniel Nigro, Freya Ridings. Hi Rosemary! I love Germany, but I am yet to see any of the castles. Castles always remind me of fairy tales…or at least a good Harry Potter novel. Thanks, Harmony! There is also a Gothic style church, a 12th-century basilica, and the Niederwald hunting lodge. In the Medieval days, these two castles of the Rhine combined had clear views up and down the river where they could control traffic and collect their duties. Discover (and save!) The wine was incredible Linn. And I hate that I don't wanna let go 14 Best Castles near London. Your daughter would feel just like a princess! We recommend cruising in one direction, and then taking the train in the opposite direction. ress_js("https://widget.getyourguide.com/v2/widget.js"); Sign up now to receive updates from That Texas Couple, and to get our Ultimate Travel Bundle straight to your inbox! Gee. You can’t beat that! My question is can you get off and on the boat or do you have a set destination from one port to another. these castles are incredible! During the first trip we drove the Rhine from Mainz to Koblenz and enjoyed several towns and loved the castles. I will be there in October. Up on the hilltop near Aachen, is one of the many castles of the Rhine that have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sooneck Castle. *This post contains affiliate links. Thanks, Ada! Thanks! The tour we took allowed you to use your ticket to get on and off for that day. Pay particular attention to the castle’s impressive shield wall. Visitors can roam the vineyards and explore the towers and castles on the Rhine from this charming town. Ultimate Guide to the Fairy Tale Town of Bacharach, Germany. Upon her death, she was turned into a siren that sailors say could be heard singing a hypnotic song that lured them to their death. F. Freya Ridings Lyrics. Touring this castle gives you insight into wonderful paintings and furniture. Whether you’re visiting one country or many, by land or via river cruise, these five centuries-old manors are definite must-sees. We did a Rhine River ferry with KD – from Mainz to St. Goar – and loved it. It’s more a series of rambling buildings than a contained stronghold, but it dates back to the 13th century and was actually built on a Viking site. The thermal spas, wonderful wine, and great places to stay make Assmannshausen a desired destination for visitors from all over the world. Sounds like a great place to relax and take in the views! They did seem to be out of a fairytale, but so did the little villages surrounding them. In our other post, The Ultimate Guide to the Fairy TaleTown of Bacharach, we talk about just that , I actually studied in this area, extremely beautiful! Learn how your comment data is processed. Only to gain more power in 1479 when Neukatzenelnbogen ‘Katz’ Castle was built across the river. The castle possesses a working drawbridge, a gorgeous courtyard with fabulous views of the Rhine, a garden still producing grapes, and a small chapel. Stahleck is now a youth hostel where you can spend a night or two if you choose to do so. I'm gonna be so much more than You ever thought I was. Live out your I’m A Celebrity fantasies at castles in Cornwall Tourism From a tiny one-bedroom castle on a cliff to huge regal estates 45 Cornish … We love castles too, Christina. Enjoy the of the historic ring-wall, as well as some 17th-century relics in the church. You’ve given me too many choices for what to go back and see now! I told Marty that we are definitely staying in one next time! Hi, Tori. Lovely photos! And combined with a wine tour – I am sold! Oh. Surrounded by vineyards, as are most towns on the Rhine, you will find the quaint town of Lorchhausen. Visitors will definitely want to stop in one of the historic taverns to enjoy the town’s famous red wine made from grapes grown on “hell hill”.

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