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dbd ghostface build

... glad to know my build is on the right path. His stalk recovery addons are the best (Chewed Pen/Address Book/Walleyes Matchbook), followed by increased stalk speed when not leaning (Monocular, Belt Clip, Philly). I get a lot of downs from it Torment Creek: (B-) Probably one of the better Coldwind maps, you can creep around the main building, and less corn=better stalks. Never walk out into the open, if you can avoid it. Stalking through corn: You can stalk people up to about 15 meters away through corn and still usually remain unnoticed. Now you need to focus on breaking them out as they’re leaving. If they’re heading towards a gen, then follow through and down them, but if they’re not, then just leave them for now and go back to patrolling your gens. He's every single other killer minus a power. Grave of Glenvale: (A) A really nice all-around map for ghostie: the saloon gives you an elevated view over the map, and many gens are in the open and don't require extreme maneuverability in order to stalk. save. Try to stalk survivors to at least this amount before actually marking them. Faster movement speed while stalking and longer Killer Instinct addons are both pretty useless. BHVR said with Legion that they don't care about the meta, and not every killer is going to be really strong, they just want playability.. but Ghostface can't be played like this. Stalk people from as FAR AWAY as you possibly can; it’ll be much harder for you to get noticed, let alone revealed. If I see more people nearby that I haven’t stalked, I’ll try to injure them and spread damage before hooking the original downed survivor. You’d be surprised at how often this occurs. The new map iteration is a lot darker and more in your favor. This rarely ever occurs. You may worried about losing your ruin, but if they get haunted grounds, they get exposed. On the other hand, if you fail to expose someone before they reveal you, sometimes its better to hit them, even if they're at 99% stalk. Crouch this distance away from them and circle the survivor while holding the stalk button until you find a spot you can stalk. After playing the character since release against all types of players and learning everything there is to learn about him, I painstakingly created a Complete Ghostface Guide for ya'lls. Follow them until you break them out again. on gens/totems) for this to work. Groaning Storehouse: (B) You can actually stalk the building gen pretty effectively from the outside, and also use it to stalk and traverse to different regions of the map unseen. Hi! hide. Blood Lodge: (F) Not many good places to hide and the gens are mostly nestled in extremely safe loops. I usually like to take one of each. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. However, small hills don’t count-never attempt to stalk from these. You can counter OoO as GF by heading towards your obsession in a straight line while blocking line of sight, since this might convey the impression that you’re still far away, so the direction their OoO lights up will change less. Fractured Cowshed: (C) Not as large as Rotten Fields but painful loops regardless. A lot of these places counter strong loops while others aren't AS useful, but all of these are nonetheless extremely satisfying to pull off. Jaee 8,483 views. thank you for this wonderful guide! Treatment Theater: (A+) Indoor map=good cover as well as an easily defendable center gen. The survivor also has to be completely stationary (i.e. Save it for when you need to cross open areas. This perk will alleviate all of these issues, I tend to run it in place of sloppy sometimes. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Rancor: Lets you know where everyone is, but unfortunately it can only be used up to 5 times a match. If there’s 4 blendettes then it’s a GG for me (not really but it does get more difficult). This is how you can snowball with GF and win the game in a single decisive moment. Object of Obsession: Still very effective against ghostie if used correctly. "No stalk" Ghostface (Sloppy/Thana/Old Ruin/Nurses Calling): A good noob stomper but not much else. That last one could be hilarious if all I'd do is tbag the entire game. well........I DON'T ♥♥♥♥♥ UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT. Spine Chill: A pretty effective anti-ghostie perk. Although you do get a bit of insurance with the kill at the end. Take some time to learn how Whispers works in order to use it to its max potential. Many of these ghostface players won’t commit to the kill if you loop them long enough, and will eventually leave and go into stealth. I get a lot of downs from it. With Ghostface own power, survivors doing their objectives, you'll be able to stalk them and expose them. While most of the time you'll be stalking survivors normally, there's always a chance you'll be noticed, there are several locations in the game where you can stalk with a little to none chance of being noticed. And even then, maps like the Game have strong loops where you can’t follow up and actually down a survivor. Rancid Abattoir: (F) Cornstalking is necessary with an abomination of a main building. Father Campbell’s Chapel: (B) Not too shabby, you can chill at the main building while also guarding that gen from the other side. You’ll usually end up getting them later. The Underground Complex: You should almost never lose on this map. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Surge/Surveillance: A very nifty perk combo; Surge will regress all nearby gens when you down a survivor, and Surveillance will let you know when the gen has been touched again, allowing you to creep up and stalk the gen. Also saves you time by eliminating the need to kick gens, and knowing exactly which gens to patrol. BBQ is an obvious enough choice, but my main issue with ghostface is fighting generators being done since he has no mobility, hence the 3 slowdown perks. Therefore I DO NOT recommend playing as no stalk GF. However, you can’t even lean while stalking this way, making it kinda inefficient. Do you notice how the perk lights up as soon as the killer is on the edge of your screen? I don't have a full build yet but his "I'm all ears" perk is REALLY useful. I'm currently at 700 marked downs, slowly creeping my way up to your impressive 5k downs ;). As killer, if you suspect someone might run this perk (if they run away a lot sooner than you’d expect) you can counter this by moonwalking up to them. In this video I showcase a simple yet effective build for Ghostface. Ghostface is a pretty map-dependent killer, so here's a rating of all the maps in the game. Use on a survivor who's been hit through a window or pallet. Entity Education: Ghostface (Danny "Jed Olsen" Johnson) - Dead by Daylight Tutorials and Knowledge - Duration: 42:26. int3r4ct 77,094 views Of the ultra rares, the Security Camera can be very useful, and the Tape can come in handy when stalking in spots that are normally pretty safe (like inside tiles). (don't listen to the pic above; never fully stalk people from far away). Sprint Burst: Probably the most effective one here, and my least favorite to go against as ghostie. 0 perk ghostface with 0 addons is another meme build that guarantees all 4 survs escape but it's a funny build none the less; The devil outfit one cracked me up.

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