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im yours ukulele

845,041 views, added to favorites 91,411 times. Got nothin’ much to do .. Got tired of playing online games tho, just remembered how I envisioned myself to be a musician when I was younger years back .. I first started thinking I was going to go nowhere but here I am playing chords and learning songs in the snap of a finger. Possible dumb question and maybe I just didn’t understand what you actually said but what do you mean by “stays in tune for months at a time.” Not even top of the line ukuleles do that cause it’s just not possible lol. This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. Bc I am :), I mean I had already learned a couple of songs before but I practice so much more now, because of the boredom : ). I’ve been reading the discussion here and I wanted to give you guys some song suggestions to keep you guys occupied and improving! Day 3 of learning here my poor finger tips… I’m delighted tho x, Bro I feel you! I also got a teacher to learn melodies and such! I got one RIGHT before quarantine started. oh this (down strum am) is our fate (down strum f) Yeah, that happens frequently to me when I use this website. this is for the end outro: i play each chord twice with like a pause in between but i also sing the words like this, “so please dont, please dont, please dont” so here like this, “so please (down strum c) dont, please dont, please (down strumc) dont But a couple of months ago I picked up a Christmas ukulele songbook and took the easiest chords from it- F, G, and C- and wrote a song. Most phrases start with a pickup note, where the first word of the phrase is actually in the previous measure…. For Love of My Life, I use 3&1 2 3 4&1 2 3 4 for each chord and then I repeat for the next chord. Jason Mraz (born June 23, 1977 in Mechanicsville, Virginia) is a Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter. its a 4/4, I actually think that one strum down and then hold the strings better suits this song, Same. OM GOSH, SAME! i’ve known this one for a bit, just making sure i’m right bc when this is over my friend wants to learn this song, Yep me! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I’d love to hear you play! It’s a super cool hobby, Somewhere over the rainbow is my fav. Yeah, I’ve been doing the same thing. I was required to take a ukulele class in 6th grade and i decided that I LOVED it and I kept playing. 2012-2020, Part of the UkuWorld network, Some Rights Reserved. And finally, really challenge yourself with both of these aspects. I have been playing for so long but this made me practice 99% of the time now… lol, Yeah lol… I played casually before like every other month or so, but now I’m doing it every day and teaching my friend how to play , I started last December when I got the ukulele but quarantine is helping me get into a lot more knacks, same here!! Anyone starting out ukulele because they’re in quarantine? one of my best friends let me borrow hers for the break because she never used it and i’ve been playing every day lol. I’ve found that the chords (for me. Yeah I’m trying to self teach myself, do you think I can? Try just regular up and down motion strumming, it’s how I do it. I have been playing for YEARS but now bc of the situation, I am learning new and difficult songs that I wouldn’t have before! I think they meant that you it pretty much just stays in tune, like you just have to maybe tune up a small mount instead of having to tune for ten minutes, But I’m not sure if that is what they meant, I’m just assuming. And start to experiment with plucking multiple strings and shifting more than you’re used to. I love the uke and I’m just now learing SUPER hard songs just to have something to do! Tuning: G C E A. whats the chnk?? Actually it is mainly on the chorus. Switch orientation It is liquid callouses for your finger tips. Not too big of an issue, but still a little irksome. I did. Someone taught me C Am F and G, and I took off from there. I taught myself and I have a friend who self taught herself how to play the uke. This includes strumming patterns and chords. (Plus you sound and look like you’re way more advanced) A good song to start off with for that is Someone like you By Adele, just starting off with a Whats your youtube? its better to bear it so ya sikn will be layered and thats way better than a bandage can offer! I always have to go back and listen to the song (if I don’t know it well) to try and time the chords right with the words. i do DDUUDU for somewhere over the rainbow, it was actully easy i learned it in 10 minutes and i have no musical talent what so ever, haha same usually I just play the music i wrote but i was like lmao why not ya know, yes 100%. Funny how you guys only started because of quarantine, never give up the talent, not many people have this talent. Maybe I just play too fast?) are a bit too late. I’ve been playing for two years but this quarantine is making me learn a lot of new songs and this one is View official tab. Stay safe y’all! Of course you can! It’s the perfect thing to do in quarantine, learn a new instrument, or the best instrument, the ukulele!! I have NO idea how you guys portray any of this. Yes, I got my ukulele when I was 9. But now that I am stuck in my bedroom all day I’m just kinda like “hey, why not!” I hope that other ukulele people out there become inspired to play like you :). They are an unexpensive and they are good for just having fun with it. Oh no! I’ve heard some of those songs before and they’re really good. it just helps with holding some notes while you sing too!!! So remember the sky’s the limit and you got this. It’s super easy for anyone who wants to try it. I love seeing people trying new things and learning and making beautiful music with such a fun instrument! is better if that makes any sense. The Am and F I play earlier. As much negativity that surrounds the situation, there’s at least a little good in it.

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