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Credit Das Boot for ramping up quickly and keeping multiple storylines rife with suspense. Terms of Use | Though it has some difficult scenes to endure, the writing almost never flags and Prochaska has a number of small flourishes — like bringing out the seaside beauty of the town and contrasting war with the tranquility of nature and small pleasures — that underscore the stakes of World War II. (The series was shot in Munich, La Rochelle, Prague and Malta.). Occupation: Actress; model; Years active : 1999–present: Spouse(s) Tom Riley (m. 2017) Partner(s) Matthew Perry (2006–2012) Relatives: Howard Bragman (uncle) Early life. For Lizzy Caplan, playing a resistance fighter was a case of the Boot fits. 9:00 AM PDT 6/16/2019 Premieres: Monday (Hulu). The young radio operator is a last-second addition to Hoffmann's maiden U-boat voyage and, knowing he might not make it back, tells Simone that she needs to clandestinely give something to someone later that night, thus starting Simone's complicated life of looking at the war from both sides. Directed by: Andreas Prochaska International series are not for everybody, particularly those who don't want to bother with subtitles, but Das Boot not only mixes that up rather cleverly but is just a flat-out entertaining, well-told drama that's filled with surprises, and a great find for Hulu. Born: Elizabeth Anne Caplan June 30, 1982 (age 38) Los Angeles, California, U.S. The German navy is ramping up production of U-boats as a tactical advantage — in later episodes there's information that they are the most feared weapon by Winston Churchill — but at the same time Germany is losing a striking number of its fleet, whether to Allied depth charges or mechanical failure. Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen in Masters of Sex. For Lizzy Caplan, the American actress who shared the lead roles with Michael Sheen, it felt like a unique opportunity. Created by Johannes W. Betz, Tony Saint. EMAIL ME ", Lizzy Caplan plays Resistance fighter Carla Monroe in Das Boot.Credit:SBS. "There is nuance to everything and right now in our current political climate you see how the death of nuance leads to the rise of black and white sides when the truth is humans are rarely all good or all bad. Caplan has long alternated between movies and television: her credits include both the hit film Mean Girls and the cult television comedy Party Down, which spawned a host of comic stars such as Adam Scott and Jane Lynch. Das Boot (2018– ) Lizzy Caplan: Carla Monroe. If that wasn't enough for the junior Hoffmann to undertake, he's immediately undercut by his First Watch Officer, or second in command, Karl Tennstedt (August Wittgenstein, The Crown), who has far more experience and is more aggressively combat-oriented than the calmer, rule-following Hoffmann. Credit:© NIK KONIETZNY. "Back then that is such a rare role for a woman to find herself in – the position of being the scary person, the one who is intimidating, and Carla initially relishes that.". It will air next year on Apple's forthcoming streaming service. "It's on a platform that doesn't even exist yet," Caplan says. Sitemap | "She has trained herself to have no empathy for the people she's fighting and that the cause trumps everything else, potentially including the safety of innocent human beings. On land, Simone begins working for a Gestapo investigator, Hagen Forster (Tom Wlaschiha, who played Jaqen H'ghar, one of the Faceless Men of Braavos who mentored Arya Stark in Game of Thrones). In recent years she's been focused on movies, but now believes that the distinction barely matters. It might seem odd to use the word "epic" to describe a show that takes place primarily inside a tightly cramped submarine, but Das Boot, the international series that premieres Monday on Hulu and picks up after the 1981 Wolfgang Petersen film of the same name, certainly feels that way. "However, the good stuff does find an audience. She’s best known for playing Janis Ian in Mean Girls but Lizzy Caplan regularly … Lizzy Caplan takes on the Gestapo in Das Boot. What makes Das Boot particularly riveting, of course, is that so much of it takes place within the confines of a German U-boat (the vessel language before "submarine" was in use), with dangerous missions and pretty terrible conditions for the men; in many cases, the U-boats themselves were untested (a feature in the original film, as well). To further the sense of change, last week Caplan wrapped production on Are You Sleeping, a drama series about the obsession with true crime podcasts where she plays twins involved in a case made infamous by Octavia Spencer's podcaster. FACEBOOK Initially the 36-year-old Los Angeles native didn't expect Das Boot to make the cut. Privacy Policy | She's on the right side of history, but her methods are hardly heroic. "She does unspeakable, horrible things in the name of that cause. The claustrophobic, red-lit corridors and cramped quarters of the sub are paralleled by the underground's desperate struggle – led by Caplan's American expatriate Carla Monroe – against the Gestapo. Credit: © NIK KONIETZNY. California Privacy Rights | The amount of shows can be overwhelming and confusing, but on the flipside – and the plus side – is that you can find an incredible show somewhere you never previously expected to find one. Do Not Sell My Personal Information No comments. There's an eclectic roster of actors, cinematic production design, and an expanded plot that put female characters at the centre of bitter intrigue in occupied WWII France. She's been fighting fascism for years, and it's left her both weary and zealous, as if her humanity has been scraped away. Ultimately, Das Boot looks to be a wonderful find for fans of high-quality international television series with real ambition. Craig Mathieson is a TV, film and music writer for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. An inexperienced U-boat crew has to survive a secret mission and a young German woman is torn between loyalty for her home country and the French resistance in … In La Rochelle she meets up with her younger brother, Frank (Leonard Schleicher, also excellent here), and is almost immediately and confusedly confronted with a life she didn't know he was leading. Television has changed a great deal in those five years, "It's overwhelming," Caplan says. The character's impetus to reconsider comes from Simone Strasser (Phantom Thread's Vicky Krieps), a newly arrived German translator whose brother, Frank (Leonard Schiecher), is a last-minute addition to the submarine's crew, leaving his sister to deal with a situation of his that exposes them both to obvious risk. "The question just is: where's the good material?". TWITTER Dizi, 2. Lizzy Caplan boards 'Das Boot' event series. All rights reserved. After a little table setting, Das Boot becomes immediately thrilling and addictive, with co-creators and writers Tony Saint and Johannes W. Betz, along with director Andreas Prochaska, building tension on two fronts. Then she read the scripts from creators Johannes Betz and Tony Saint. At sea there's Hoffmann and Tennstedt at odds, the latter effectively turning much of the crew against Hoffmann, with sea battles and an intriguing twist at the end of the second episode further ratcheting up tensions. Das Boot manages to be a war story, a thriller and a love story all at once, as it takes nuanced looks at complicated relationships throughout. On land, the story involves the arrival in La Rochelle of a French-speaking German woman, Simone Strasser (Vicky Krieps of 2017's Phantom Thread, who is superb), a translator for the German military who has always felt out of place — growing up in the border town of Alsace, France, she's German but not German enough for those who come from Berlin, etc., and also not French, despite her fluent language skills and living in France. ", Lizzy Caplan takes on the Gestapo in Das Boot. It read like an eight-hour film and she was excited by the urgent plotting. Production on the big-budget television series is set to commence this summer. Cast: Rick Okon, Vicky Krieps, Leonard Schleicher, August Wittgenstein, Tom Wlaschiha, Lizzy Caplan, Vincent Kartheiser, Clara Ponsot

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