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You don't want to give the same answer every single time or your conversations will get boring and predictable. Relevance. You don't want to be predictable by always answering in the same exact way, so you have to switch it up. Not me, I’ve been real depressed lately. If you give a bland reply, then it might even end whatever conversation the other person was trying to start. Source(s): Here's another way to answer the question literally. A two letter word indicating direction. If you want to tell them the definition of "up," then this is the perfect way to do so. When You're Not Okay. They'll either be confused or thankful for the mini English lesson. Ask Question + 100. or "What's Up?" It's never the wrong time to make a comment about the economy. Anonymous. Something Rick Astley refuses to give anyone, especially you. 14. ", If you're not a fan of the person you're speaking to, tell them right away. Whats siftin' through your strainer? How to Answer "How Are You?" Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts (I'm honored to be the first to greet you that way.) Jessie Liu is a digital marketer, specializing in SEO, Digital Analytics, Content Marketing and Social Media. or Whats the haps? Of course, you could always replace "because of you" with something more accurate like, "because Benedict Cumberbatch just got engaged to someone who isn't me.". You may unsubscribe at any time. for more ideas. 1 Answer. What’s up is a casual greeting which has seemed to replace, “hello or hi, how ya going?” When someone asks what’s up they want to know if there’s anything new or exciting going on with you. r/AskReddit: r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Don't be afraid to get a little silly. The next time someone asks you what’s up, hit them with one of these responses from, 40 People Advise On What To Do When Your Anxiety Is Getting The Best Of You, Stop Telling Me How To Feel About My Anxiety, The Reason Anxiety Sucks So Much Is Because It Doesn’t Make Any Sense, 10 Things You Should Know About Loving Someone With Anxiety. Anonymous. Some examples previously used by him and I: Howww yuh doinnn? Whatever works for you. Still have questions? thank you for your cool answer but you know i want some answer that i can tell to my teacher you know what i mean a little more polite but fun threekeys on January 20, 2018: Light and fun. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Click here. 21. The Funniest 😂 Replies for People Who Are Always Asked: "Are You Okay?" Your information is too valuable to be shared, so they'll just have to deal with not hearing all of your crazy, exciting stories. Funny ways to answer the phone has been born to counteract the old and boring ways of greeting someone who is calling you on the phone. isn't too far removed from "How ya doin'?" It's a sweet way to deal with the compliment that'll leave both of you feeling good about yourselves. A movie about an old guy who makes his house fly away and kidnaps an Asian kid. This is a classic that everyone has heard time and time again, but it works if you can't think of anything else to say. But it's always important to talk to a dermatologist about any medical concerns you may have. Whats siftin' through your strainer? Favourite answer. meaning that life is good and if i only have one thing to be thankful for it's that i was able to see another day and have at least one more person ask me "what's up"! "What's up?" 1.

Fischerfahrzeug Im Mittelmeer, Grüne Raupe Schmetterling, Vildan Cirpan Partner, Wasiem Taha Frau, Ffp2 Maske Wiederverwendbar,


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